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Site Fees for 2020 Season.

Skirlington Main Park (1st March 2019 – 2nd December 2019) Nine Month Season £2995.00
Premier Plots: - (11 Month Season Southfield, Westview, The Meadows) Welford Park (12) £3695.00
Lodges (Excluding Cleeton Park) £4495.00
Cleeton Park £4750.00
Cliff Top (Premier Pitch) £2860.00
Cliff Top (Static) £2500.00
Cliff Top (Tourer) £2080.00
Gransmoor (Excluding Lodges) 12 Months plus Local Authority Fees Fees (Approx £300) £2500.00
Skirlington Seasonal Tourer £2650.00
Springfield Tourer £2150.00

Please note with the exception of Gransmoor our Site Fees are inclusive of any applicable Water Rates and local Council Tax/Business Rates. but do not include  Electric and Gas and Insurance.

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